What is your legacy?

Answer your heart's calling with Astrology, Kundalini Yoga & Leadership

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Your legacy for a new age

We have entered the Aquarian age: A new cycle in human evolution where your unique role significantly contributes to the health and consciousness of humanity and the earth. That is your legacy. Discover what that specifically means for you with Astrology, Embody it with Kundalini Yoga & Express it through Aquarian Leadership.


The Leo Mystic

Astrologer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Conscious Leadership Coach

"A deep reverence for the mystical of life and a profound passion to share that loving wisdom with humanity and serve. That is why I am here."

I hope to meet you soon through an astrological reading, in one of my kundalini yoga classes, workshops, talks or In-company leadership trainings. Sat Nam!


Discover who you are, who you can be and why you are here.

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Your personalized astro birthchart holds the blueprint of your life. Book a (online) reading and reveal your soul purpose, strengths and challenges. Discover which area of your life will undergo change and needs focus now.

Kundalini Yoga

Get to know your Soul. Become more yourself. Be at peace.


Check out the Kundalini Yoga classes and (online) 1-on-1's with personalised exercises that are designed to strengthen the mind, build a healthy body and help you communicate with your soul.



Find your voice. Express your legacy to the world. 


Mapping out your legacy clearly for yourself. Deep soul searching & learning  to connect with the hearts of your audience & environment.  Online or in person.

Kundalini Yoga

Classes Live via Zoom or In-Person

Every Wednesday AM & PM

"There's no have to's 

there's only choice"

"Respect your natural cycles to

live your truth"

Heaven on Earth Astrology

Weekly Astrological Forecast

Follow my Youtube channel for weekly forecasts.

Daily Inspiration

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Kundalini Yoga

Charlotte De Baere

"This is an opportunity you can't miss because of the group synergy"

Roel Van Caeneghem

"It helps me to release tension of the week"

Natalie Tuijtelaars

"I could attend from my home via zoom, but still felt very connected to Michael and the students"


"Having my birthchart read by Michael was an absolutely pivotal experience. After hitting what felt like a personal plateau, I contacted him for a reading, hoping to gain more clarity on myself and how to live in better alignment with my true nature. The vast amount of information he provided was so full of insight, and his ability to intuit its proper application to my personal challenges was remarkable. After feeling so stagnant, I am thrilled to have the clarity I have now and am forever grateful."

- Nikoa Phillips, Honolulu -

Michael is a true guide. For me he is a life changer and a great natural warrior. I can recommend to visit (ore more than once) the round table. I felt very powerfull after one session. It was a high energy experience.

- Roel Van Caeneghem, Mechelen  -

"This was my first astrological birth chart reading ever and Michael was amazing. His energy, oh wow!! I felt like he has known me for a lifetime. He is gifted, honest, knowledgeable and filled with love. It was a very in depth reading that gave me some clarity and understanding about myself, career and relationships. I felt so much stronger and empowered. I will definitely keep in touch and recommend him to all my friends. Sending endless love and appreciation."

- Gindrida Vas, London -

Michael's ability to hold space and lead events where change and insight can happen is truly something. His vast knowledge of Astrology is the cherry on top!

- Wout Eeckhout, Antwerpen  -

Meeting Michael has changed my life. Grateful

- Nathalie Van Ounsen, Antwerpen -


Let’s Engage

Phone Number: +32 471 92 05 06    /     Email:  michaelvdbossche@gmail.com

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