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The Leo Mystic

Astrologer, Kundalini Yogi

Lightworkers for the Aquarian age


My light deep inside,

I bring it out and come to life 

Embracing my challenges, confronting the dark,

I ground the soul and speak from the heart 

Embodying my gifts, making them count

I inspire the many, encourage the crowd

To you now dear one I extend my hand,

To be of service together, and share our land


In our connection it is clear to me,
what to do and how to be

I now allow this wisdom to set us free,
We are the Aquarian lightworkers

This is our legacy

Astro course 201

 Michael's way of explaining is clear, concise and easy to understand. It is a 'hands-on' course where we physically experienced all the aspects that a chart is made up off through all kinds of meditation. This made it way more accessible and helps you to ground the material in an effective way." - Dorien Kestens - Astro 101 Student -



"Michael's astro course is a real eye-opener.
He stirs the curiosity to dive further into the deep secrets of Astrology.
I am looking forward to the continuation of this course" - -
Dominique Bellens - Astro 101 student

4 weeks Live via Zoom with Michael The Leo Mystic

Heaven on Earth Astrology

Weekly Astrological Forecast