For lightworkers and seekers of truth that want to answer the call of their heart and listen to their spiritual guidance

 Learn down-to-earth methods to trust your spiritual senses more everyday & get access to the messages that your higher self is trying to communicate with you 

Introducing Heaven on Earth Community Easy to use mystical tools to learn to trust the mes

...Without having to drastically change your lifestyle...


Right now thousands of people are waking up to the truth that they are not crazy when they 'sense' and see more than meets the eye.  "We humans have more power and abilities than we were told."

Are you one of them?

You probably don't buy anymore that our limits end at our physical body nor that you are separated from everyone and everything, 

Rather you have come to understand that we are infinite 'light beings' having a human experience connected through love to everyone and everything around us.  


You just can't believe anymore that we live on a dead planet that's here for us to deplete its resources for our own goods and greed.

But instead that that intelligent being called 'Mother earth' is alive and awake and guiding us daily on how to live a more happy, healthy and holy life.

Stressed Man

It's clear to you that the unhealthy focus on materialism and mass-consumption has caused us to be

completely disconnected from ourselves 
identifying with the glamour and glitter of fame and 'influencers' thinking 'they are happier and far more ahead than us.

not knowing how to connect truly with others.

Lost in the world of meatter where a well-payed job is the supposed summum of life.


I can already hear you saying: "I am so done with that" 

It's easy to know all of this when life's a flow,
when the meditation goes right,
  I hear it all the time:
"What I've just experienced is SO REAL!" 

You've probably already tried one of these in the past:

To 'escape' from this you've probably already tried one of these in the past:


consulting a healer, psychologicst, psychic or medium


Learning to meditate or take yoga classes


Reading tons of self-help books


Getting your future predicted


Do crazy full-moon rituals and burn all sorts of incense


Studying a million courses on 'finding your power'

And as effective as they are on their own, they give you but short-term relief and fail to give you a stable and practical base to keep trusting your (higher) self in unstable times..

That is because they make you dependent on them, never giving you the chance to create and find the answer yourself.

So no matter what you do you fall back in the same old pattern,
 never really able to fully surrender to that guiding voice and trust it.

And you probably think:

"I just don't know how to put to words what I experience to others,
let alone to the world"
and that's probably keeping you back from fully expressing yourself"...

yet deep down you know there is so much more to life and you have SO MUCH TO SHARE.

It's an all-too-common experience for lightworkers, creatives and truth-seekers  

However, there is a way...

for you to have access to deep inner knowing that brings you the right messages at the right time with consistent clarity and confidence in knowing what to do next 

And I'm going to show you in just a minute how to do that.

I am not saying the fear, doubt and challenges are going to disappear.
On the contrary, they will always be there! They are a very healthy and even necessary part of the human experience.


it is NOT healthy if it stops you from doing what you love

it is NOT supportive if it holds you back in being the best version of yourself

it is NOT OK if it impacts your overall health and mental well-being in ANY WAY!

So instead you're about to discover


The golden combination that will help you transform fear, doubt & challenges into important messengers & catalysts of change

The 6-step alignment formula 'meditate around the zodiac' that helps you tansform energies of confusion and frustration into crystal clear messages that bring you in alignment with your purpose and
open up the doors of opportunity.

The blueprint to know how to effectively use the available energy to become the director of your life so you can choose to keep growing and evolving as a soul, ultimately empowering others to do the same.

"Without it I wouldn't have been able to transform my anxiety, uncertainty & fears ... into me being in tune with my inner compass"


Hi, I'm Michael, The Leo Mystic, Astrologer, Kundalini Yogi & leadership coach and over the past 6 years I've been helping lightworkers, creatives & seekers of truth worldwide listen to their inner guidance and answer their hearts call.

But exactly 12 years ago I wouldn't even have dreamt about doing that. I remember locking myself up in my own room for months completely isolated. The anxiety attacks were so severe I didn't even dare to get out of my own room.

Eventually It was the combination of a strong force inside of me and being surrounded by the right people that pushed me out of this dark hole.

over the years I studied & experimented with countless lifestyle & mindset approaches and deep mystical teachings like: NLP, RET, CHEK lifestyle coaching, Tong-Len & other meditation techniques, Yoga, astrology,...

They all helped me see my anxiety, uncertainty & fears for what they were: Important feedback about my mindset, lifestyle and choices, and how I could choose to live differently.

Eventually it was in linking all these approaches that I stumbled upon the golden combination that I'm about to share with you.


It did not only give me the opportunity to feel free like a bird (I traveled the world without any anxiety attack, something I thought I'd never do)

it also trained my spiritual senses, opening the communication channels with my higher self. 

 Now in moments of high stress & worries I have all the tools I need to bring me back in alignment with my higher guidance in a matter of minutes and receive the necessary insights on how to proceed.

People keep asking me since what it is that I am doing, that I look so calm, so ZEN, "yet at the same time we see you growing your business & manifesting one dream after the other."

So now that I've helped hundreds of people do the same worldwide in my coachings, astrological readings, kundalini yoga classes and 1-on-1's the time has come to take this out to and spread it across the world to as many people as possible.


Introducing Heaven on Earth Community Easy to use mystical tools to learn to trust the mes

Heaven on Earth Community:

Down-to-earth methods to learn to trust your spiritual senses


 Messages from spirit

Meditate around the zodiac 6-step method

watch an example of the messages from spirit of Virgo season

watch an example of meditating around the zodiac of Libra season below


go from being overwhelmed by the current energy to allow, trust and adapt.

Michael records monthly specific audioguides, channeled meditations & energetic healing techniques that are adapted to the frequencies of the available energy. Put into a 6-step alignment formula called 'meditate around the zodiac' to follow along you will go from being overwhelmed by the current energy to allow, trust and adapt. Gradually a sixth sense is developed that knows how to effectively put to use the available astrological energy of that month

Monthly guidance to know what the energetic weather looks like for your astrological Sun-, Moon- & ascendant sign. Translated into human practical language by Michael The Leo Mystic. Based on the current astrology, card readings and messages from his spirit team Michael explains the opportunitites & challenges for your astrological signs, giving you the opportunity to better understand why certain events are manifesting in your life now and in the future. You'll be able to anticipate certain challenges or hopeful happenings and to make the best decisions for the month ahead.

Monthly Spiritual guide for the Full Moon & New Moon

Monthly Live-call with The Leo Mystic

watch an example of the Spiritual guide for the Full moon in Aries

Kopie van Kopie van NewFull Moon REPORT  (1).jpg
Sage Green Minimalist Quote Video Instagram Post (1).png

Your monthly lunar cycle spiritual guide
Offering you specific insights into the astrological energies of this lunar cycle
by explaining the meaning of the new & full moon, giving you meditative & analytical questions to assess how this energy applies to you and providing the appropriate meditation/kundalini yoga exercises 
to help you align with this energy

A monthly Live group call with the Leo Mystic
Making sure that all your questions and doubts are answered in a 1h30 live interaction and working with a monthly theme adapted to the energy of the month to actively work with your strenghts & challenges, giving you the ability to meet your like-minded souls in person and interact with them through a guided group-dynamic.


Membership platform

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 11.21.53.png

Having constant access to the support of a community of people that are on the same frequency.A platform that allows you to send messages, pictures and videos to people with the same thoughts and lifestyle. You'll receive the support needed to keep growing & evolving, feeling inspired yet safe. Access to downloadable forms and files exclusive to the platform.


Astrological guide


watch an example of the astrological guide

Kopie van Elegant Bureau YouTube Thumbnail.png
Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 16.09.21.png

An astrological guide in your pocket on the spiritual meaning of your astrological blueprint: Sun-, moon- & ascendant sign
A 23 page PDF with an in-depth explanation of why your higher self has chosen to be your sun-,moon-, and ascendant sign. With an in-depth explanation of what that means for your you to have a better understanding why you are here, who you are and who you can be.

FREE Bonus 2: Moon-cycle Kundalini  classes


Follow the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga from the comfort of your home during 1 month (8 classes)The bridge between Heaven & Earth: Kundalini Yoga combines breathing exercises, body postures, meditation and sound through chanting. This power combo strengthens the mind, nervous system, digestive system & endocrine system, reduces stress and enhances your self-awareness and stillness.

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