Introducing Heaven on Earth Community Easy to use mystical tools to learn to trust the mes

For seekers of truth that hear the call of their heart and are ready to listen to their spiritual guidance

 Learn down-to-earth methods to trust your spiritual senses & create a life in tune with the cycles of nature, the planets & your inner voice.



Hi, I'm Michael, The Leo Mystic, Astrologer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & leadership coach Over the past 6 years I've been helping lightworkers, creatives & seekers of truth worldwide live according to the cycles of nature, the planets & their inner voice. Helping you answer your heart's call & create what you came here to do is what I live for.



Hello, my name is Charlotte.
I am an energetic healer, artist, moon expert and spiritual guide. My experience comes from working with women in group and one on one sessions. Supporting spiritual growth is my calling. From womb healing to cord-cutting and healing past lives, until you find your power within. 


With our experience we've come to create:

Introducing Heaven on Earth Community Easy to use mystical tools to learn to trust the mes

The Heaven on Earth Community:

"Down-to-earth methods to learn to trust your spiritual senses"

Here's what's included:


Meditate around the zodiac 6-step method

 Messages from spirit

watch an example of meditating around the zodiac of Libra season below

watch an example of the messages from spirit of Virgo season


Tune into the natural cycles of the sun's energy to claim your true nature & your center.

Michael records monthly specific audioguides, channeled meditations & energetic healing techniques that are adapted to the frequencies of the available energy. Put into a 6-step alignment formula called 'meditate around the zodiac' to follow along you will go from being overwhelmed by the current energy to allow, trust and adapt. Gradually a sixth sense is developed that knows how to effectively put to use the available (astrological) energy of that month.

Monthly soul guidance to know what the energetic weather looks like for your astrological Sun-, Moon- & ascendant sign. Translated into human practical language by Michael The Leo Mystic. Based on the current astrology, card readings and messages from his spirit team Michael explains the opportunitites & challenges for your astrological signs, giving you the opportunity to better understand why certain events are manifesting in your life now and in the future. You'll be able to anticipate certain challenges or hopeful happenings and to make the best decisions for the month ahead.


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Dark Moon Guidance by Charlotte
 Try to find love for the dark moon energy!
It's quiet, intimate,
I wish you wonderful easygoing days before our new
mooncycle starts with a new moon!
Let me guide you towards that new moon during the next 3 days via channelings and by sharing a fitting ritual.

Monthly Spiritual guide for the Full Moon & New Moon

Monthly Live-call Charlotte de Baere & The Leo Mystic

watch an example of the Spiritual guide for the Full moon in Aries

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Your monthly lunar cycle spiritual guide
Learn to live according to the natural cycles of the moon's energy. Offering you specific insights into the astrological energies of this lunar cycle by explaining the meaning of the new & full moon, giving you meditative & analytical questions to assess how this energy applies to you and providing the appropriate meditation/kundalini yoga exercises 
to help you align with this energy

A monthly Live group call with Charlotte & the Leo Mystic
Making sure that all your questions and doubts are answered in a 1h30 live interaction and working with a monthly theme adapted to the energy of the month to actively work with your strenghts & challenges, giving you the ability to meet your like-minded souls in person and interact with them through a guided group-dynamic.


Membership platform

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Having constant access to the support of a community of people that are on the same frequency.A platform that allows you to send messages, pictures and videos to people with the same thoughts and lifestyle. You'll receive the support needed to keep growing & evolving, feeling inspired yet safe. Access to downloadable forms and files exclusive to the platform.


Astrological guide


watch an example of the astrological guide

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An astrological guide in your pocket on the spiritual meaning of your astrological blueprint: Sun-, moon- & ascendant sign
A 23 page PDF with an in-depth explanation of why your higher self has chosen to be your sun-,moon-, and ascendant sign. With an in-depth explanation of what that means for your you to have a better understanding why you are here, who you are and who you can be.

FREE Bonus 2: In Tune with my moon course

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As a welcome gift, you will receive the link to my well known course: In Tune With My Moon! 
These video's + PDF are worth €150, and include moonguidance, female cycle guidance and fitting rituals + spiritual tips&tricks. 

You receive this gift so that you can take action and reclaim your power, guided by our beautiful moon. 

Are you female? Awesome: start the course today and get to know your own female cycle on a deeper level.

Are you male? Watch the video's and choose a female person to share your knowledge with, on the female cycle this month. This could be your wife, sister, friend, mother,... 

This course is a precious gift, sweet member.
So take care of it and nourish yourself with all the knowledge you receive, through it. 

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