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Awaken the Conscious Leader

#TheLeoMystic - Awakening the Conscious Leader within all of us through #Astrology and #Mindfulness.

If every single person can step into his own #leadership and by that inspire others to do the same we can create a rapid stream of people owning their #conscIENCE. Because it's through our choices that we bring energy in and #create or let it go to waste, and decay.

Astrology, the language of the #Heavens, gives us a clear understanding of the current #flow we all experience. It's telling us what mix of ingredients are used for 'the soup of the day'. Whether you eat consciously from it or not , that's your choice. But you can, through Mindfulness, the language of the earth. It allows us to fully immerse ourselves into the #humanexperience. It opens our senses and perceptions to experience the moment, truly as it is happening 🎶right here, right now🎶. We now fully enjoy all the ingredients present in the soup. We can be fully there with the flavour and nourish our cells, our body, our #soul That is how we can, #together, in my opinion, #heal us, heal the earth. With #Consciousleadership you choose consciously for a healthier you, a healthier environment, a healthier planet. All hope is within us, it is possible, here and now. Www.theleomystic.com

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