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Claim the Scepter of the new earth

For this week I want you to ask yourself one question and one question only. What object, of material value, when you hold it, makes you feel like a powerful queen/king? Is it a sword? A crystal? A crown… I would like to offer the image of scepter, with a scroll hidden inside.

The scepter brings royal power, royal authority, and that’s exactly how we can feel the first few days of this week. And with mars in Gemini at the last degrees, asking you to write your destiny in the new earth on the scroll. Anything you would like to manifest and bring with you to that new earth, it will be given to you, once Venus hits Uranus in Taurus, right before the full moon on the same day.

But first when the moon hits libra on Tuesday and squares mars and the nodes on Wednesday and Thursday, the Universe requires some tough options to be considered, actually forcing you to make a choice, in all the doubts.

Choice in what? How you would like your comfortzone to look like materially & the people you want in it, as well as all the bad shit that needs to go (The Full moon in Scorpio will take care of that!). And remember, with mercury trine the nodes and Neptune this means: Spiritual Currency.

Because all the planets and all the aspects are showing us to go from the ‘go-get-it-energy’ to ‘Rest and attract’. That is mars in cancer, tempering down our desires, making us ‘want to come home’ and ‘protect’. Venus in Taurus on Uranus: The Rise of the feminine & flashes of attraction to the unconventional. And finally a Full moon in Scorpio, helping us see the darkest of darkest emotions, sexual desires and karma with other people we have to deal with.

All of this is a culmination, where you claim that scepter, open the scroll, and during the week, command what shall be written on it. To be opened at the full moon, and read as a mission statement for the new Earth. Amen. Much Love. The Leo Mystic.

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