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Everything is interconnected

Bijgewerkt op: 29 apr 2019

This explains as to how we can make observations in the sky and correlate them with events happening in our lives.

"What is one is in the whole", "As above, so below". We don't need to look far to give an example of this. Just look at how we human beings are treating the earth by polluting the oceans and the sky, contributing to global warming as well as a lot of diseases and economical challenges.

Everything starts with one single human being for instance making a choice to support conventional farming or biodynamic farming, buying sustainable clothes or supporting fast fashion, buying toxic plastic or drinking filtered water, etc... With seven billion human beings doing this it becomes clear this has a tremendous impact, where every single person has its contribution.

The same way by observation correlation we have been able to identify planetary traits and its earthly equivalents. Just as the earth and human beings interact with one another, the earth interacts with other planets. What the moon does explains our emotions and mood, what the sun does explains our needs and choices, what mercury does explains our communication and so on. Watch this video to find out more about this subject.

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