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Everything is a wave

Bijgewerkt op: 29 apr 2019

All these cycles create a wave like pattern. If you were to draw the daily path of

the sun throughout a whole week, month or year, you would see a sinus wave appear.

This is by the way where the word "vibe" comes from: A vibration is a shaking-, trembling-like pattern that has highs and lows, showing a wave. Waves exist in everything we hear (sound), see (the spectrum of light) and feel (emotions).

Respecting the waves is important to understand highs and lows. When to rest and when to act. When to "catch the wave". The same way there are certain moments when opportunities are at its highest and lowest point. The movement of the planets create waves that cause cycles of taking action and produce and cycles of withdrawal and reflect.

Understanding these cycles is crucial for the health and well-being of yourself, others and planet earth.

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