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Resistance to change - This week's intense energy explained

This week’s grand cross starts a process of inner turmoil, that demands for a change. The change is inevitable, the inner turmoil is added for free (but can be moderated). This is a nice test for your letting go capacities. Because, no matter how spiritually evolved, I’m sure you will be feeling this.

As a matter of fact, the more in tune you are with your body, the more you feel these energies any way. This grand cross seeks for a change between the masculine opportunities, ambitions and work vs feminine nurturing, emotional and home. It is requiring new facts, new belief systems, surrendering and thorough analysis.

Check out my video on instagram (daily forecast) (click here) where I explain this in the analogy of ‘the chair’. The key things here are the capricornian energies and their planets saturn, pluto and south node, as well as Uranus in Taurus. Demanding for a ‘change in values’, and ‘change in how we use things’.

The Chair analogy

For instance: Using the analogy of the chair, we need a change in the way we see the chair in our living room. We could be discussing whether we’d like to hold on to the chair or get rid of it. With this grand cross here’s how an internal dialogue could look like (Sun in Gemini, Moon Virgo, Jupiter Sag, Neptune Pisces):

Mutable Grand Cross

Sun in Gemini asks us to state the facts: “How many times have you used the chair? Will you still use it? How much could you earn from it? Moon in Virgo asks: Can you still use it? Is it broken? What’s wrong with it? Can we fix it? Jupiter in Sag: Would there be a different use of this chair? What is a chair anyway? This could as much be a symbol of my grandmother who passed away and we keep it as decoration and we put some plants on it. Neptune in Pisces says: Just Chill! Feel How you can become one with the chair. By the way, this type of chair has sacred symbols and yantras on it, we could use it as a symbol of worshipping.

Now imagine all these dialogues in your head in a constant inner conflict, Jupiter adding extra intensity to it, Neptune instant confusion, Gemini mental insanity and Moon Virgo, never ending dissatisfaction with the arguments.

How to deal with this energy

What I think this means for us is to first surrender to the fact that change is invitable. Second, faith in the process, knowing that no matter what actions you take, no matter what decisions you make, as long as you make them consciously and with integrity, loyal to your inner values, all will be well. Then, even if you make a mistake, you can always correct it afterwards, or limit the damage, stepping into your power, knowing that you’ve given it the ‘all you’ve got’.

This week, on Monday and part of Tuesday, process internally, then Wednesday and Thursday, go out and speak about it with people close to you. Especially in relationships, state very clearly what ‘home’ and ‘ambitions’ mean to you and where you find the balance. Lastly, when the moon goes into scorpio this week, prepare for the transformation internally that will feel intense, gnarly and like dying.

Take so much care of yourselves this week. Please be compassionate to yourself and others. Trust the process, journal, write down, and sing, please sing your own song. With love and devotion to truth. The Truth, that all is one and we are all interconnected. No good, no bad. No beginning, no end.

Much Love

The Leo Mystic

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