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Share your message, conscious leader.

With the new moon in Gemini starts a new cycle of what and how we communicate. Since we are in the new Earth, and with venus in it's most powerful position in a good aspect to pluto, this is communicating from a very, very grounded place. From knowing who you are, and what you want.

What is it that you want? Who are you? These are questions that will also more and more start popping up, with the north node in cancer, mercury moving into cancer, and the new moon making an aspect to mars in cancer. Who are you as a conscious leader? What does that mean? And what message do you want to spread out in the world for everyone to know?

Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. Rules Gemini.

Before you even do that, you communicate that with your brothers and sisters, the people who are close to you and support you. This is about seeking support in yourself, and with others that will be your allies in sharing this message.

In and all, it will be a very emotional week, which also makes it a very vulnerable one. This is for us to learn to be vulnerable, and to own that, not putting on any masks, which can happen with Gemini energy.

Honest, vulnerable communication, honouring the self and this planet.

Go out and do it. You can. Trust me. You can.

Much Love

The Leo Mystic

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