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The seeds for a New Earth

The seeds for the new Earth have been planted with a new moon in Taurus. With Uranus there the best way to move forward right now is to work collectively on improving ourselves, and by acting from our individual power (Venus in Aries).

A way we can do that is by really being aware of where we spend our energy and money.

Because where we spend our money defines what is going on on the inside. Prepare yourselves for major hits of realizations coming from nowhere this week.

With Mercury entering Taurus, this is us truly landing, and sometimes getting a good baseball hit on the head after all the piscean/mercury trauma of numbness and confusion we have been getting. But this speeds up the process of manifestation after all the hard work we've been doing the past weeks when we had all the Arien energy.

Later on this week, the moon goes through gemini, and really makes us experience the mars opposite Jupiter doubts, making us ask ourseves whether we 'actually know enough'? But with a T-square Neptune in the mix, this is Source saying "Can you just trust, not only in yourself, but also in my assistance and guidance?".

Around the 9th the moon hits the north node and this is us experiencing coming to our spiritual home, and really experiencing it whilst we have the sun (our soul's expression) in Taurus in good aspect to Pluto, Saturn and the nodes feeling grounded and powerful. With Neptune in the mix, I can see that we all for just a second feel one, we are able to communicate about the new Earth and agree. There is a mutual understanding, at least for those who really tune in vs those who numb themselves with overindulgence on food, drugs and entertainment.

By the end of the week, we have a beautiful grand trine between Jupiter, Moon and Venus. Giving us hope that when, even though we have the first quarter square to Taurus, that we can actually have some fun, and express our true conscious leadership. Venus in Aries is leadership, Jupiter makes it hopeful, the moon in Leo helps us access the truth from the heart. Really good week! So remember, get out, express, talk, live, enjoy, feel, go in and above all, with so much blessed Taurean energy: BE GRATEFUL! Much Love. - The Leo Mystic -

The Leo Mystic

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