Chart readings to know yourSelf and forecasts to strategize and plan your personal and professional life.


Discover who you are, who you can be and why you are here.

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Kundalini Yoga

Get to know your Soul. Become more yourself. Be at peace.


Oracle sessions

Sometimes we just need guidance to help us listen to the messages of our soul.


Your personalized astro birthchart holds the blueprint of your life. Book a (online) reading and reveal your soul purpose, strengths and challenges. Discover which area of your life will undergo change and needs focus now.

Check out the Kundalini Yoga classes and (online) 1-on-1's with personalised exercises that are designed to strengthen the mind, build a healthy body and help you communicate with your soul.

Aquarian Lightworker's

Create the life you were born for

& serve from the heart.

Introducing Heaven on Earth Community Easy to use mystical tools to learn to trust the mes


Discover who you are, who you can be and why you are here.


When people book a reading with me, it's mostly because something is calling them to live their lives with more meaning and purpose. Others might face a challenge and want guidance, explanation and direction.


As an evolutionary astrologer your personal birth chart allows me to look at the evolution of your soul, its intention for growth as well as the strengths and challenges you brought into this lifetime.


Understanding this is like unfolding a map of the territory of your life. You see all the roads, buildings and places of interest, you can now choose where to drive to and what to avoid. Book a reading and see what the planets in your birthchart reveal.

Astro reading

Meet your soul, grow & live with purpose

Messages from Spirit - 20min/75€


A 15 to 20min. ZOOM recording with your most important guidance from spirit for this current period. I look at your astro chart and determine your most important challenges and gifts in this moment. I will then support you with messages from my spirit team and oracle guidance & cards.

Make your payment & book your session at The recording will be done on the day & time you book. It will be sent to your e-mail after that.

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Pay with card

Pay via

Birth Chart                1hr / 180€


Zooming in on the reason for your existence, the greatest challenges and talents in your life and why. How to use them and what you need to focus on in order to live your soul purpose. Live 1-on-1 session via ZOOM.


 Your Year Forecast*     1hr/  180€

A clear overview of the most important themes and areas to focus on to make it the most succesful year possible. Clarity on the challenges to deal with and the gifts you will be able to use. Live 1-on-1 session via ZOOM.

*Recommended to BOOK ONLY if I've already read your birth chart

Birth chart +

year forecast 333€

After completing your payment, book your preferred day & time for your reading at

Astro guide

Discover the spiritual meaning of your astrological blueprint: Sun-, moon- & ascendant sign

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A 23 page PDF that gives you a deeper understanding of why your higher self
has chosen to be your sun-,moon-, and ascendant sign in this lifetime.

You will discover: 

*The meaning behind sun, moon & ascedant sign 
*Your own personal sun, moon & ascendant signs 
*The meaning behind your personal sun, moon & ascendant signs and how you can use it in your daily life
*Your potential soul purpose and how to activate it
*Where your basic need for safety comes from and what keeps you locked in the past
*How others perceive you and how you present yourself unconsciously
*Receive your personal mantra for your sun, moon & ascendant for deeper reflection 

Ultimately this guide has the purpose to help you understand at a basic level 'why you are here, who you are and who you can be'.

Here's a sneak peak in the guide:

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Total Value:

Buy it for
9,99€ today

limited time only

Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van

Astrology 101 Class Series for BEGINNERS

6-week Course

This class is open to all students who want to learn more astrology from scratch. After being a student of astrology for the last 5 years (and many other lifetimes) and having read more than 1000 charts this is my unique view on how people can best start learning astrology.


Astrology 201 Class Series Advanced Astrology

5 -week Course

This class is open to all students of astrology who already have a background in chart interpretation, want to take their astrology to the next level and/or who have taken my ASTRO 101 COURSE.


Kundalini Yoga

Get to know your Soul. Become more yourself. Be at peace.

Holistic approach

Kundalini Yoga combines breathing exercises, body postures, meditation and sound through chanting. This power combo strengthens the mind, nervous system, digestive system & endocrine system, reduces stress and enhances your self-awareness and stillness.

A unique experience

Classes are adapted to the energy of the day based on the astrology (E.g. New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Full moon,...) and will always be shortly introduced in every class.

Due to my experience as an exercise kinesiologist I make sure the exercises always support and enhance the well-being of the students.

Classes are for complete beginners to the most advanced. 1h11min. Live via Zoom or In Person.

Schedule: Every Wed 7PM & Sat. 9.30AM

                  Every New Moon & Full Moon


A unique experience

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Choose your favourite option & make your payment. Then book your session(s) in the software below & contact me via mail or via here

Step 1: Choose your favourite option of package

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 The Initiate

All Classes Included for 1 month

Wednesday  6.30PM

Saturday 9.30AM

Every New Moon & Full Moon

(10 classes in total valid for 1 month)

Online via Zoom



        The Spiritual Warrior

All Classes Included for 3 months

Wednesday  6.30PM

Saturday 9.30AM

Every New Moon & Full Moon

(30 classes in total valid for 3 months)

Online via Zoom

222€ for 3 months


Kundalini Rising

All Classes Included for 6 months

Wednesday  6.30PM

Saturday 9.30AM

Every New Moon & Full Moon

(60 classes in total valid for 6 months)

Online via Zoom

444€ for 6 months

        The Spiritual Warrior

Kundalini Rising

New Moon


Full Moon


*1- sessions Valid for ZOOM or In-Person




Step 2: After your payment, book your session(s) here

Step 3: After your payment & booking contact me here

Watch how Karen experiences the Kundalini Yoga classes

Private Kundalini Yoga sessions

1-on-1 Kundalini Yoga guidance and training with specifically adapted exercises, sets and lifestyle advice for the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual readiness of the person. Stimulating personal growth, enhanced engagement and a deeper connection to oneself. 

Live via Zoom or In-person @Berchem 1h30



Oracle sessions

Sometimes we just need guidance to help us listen to the messages of our soul.


"How can I know whether I will be doing the right thing?", "Why are my relationships not going the way I want to", "Is this the right career for me?" It's really nice to have someone assist us in interpreting what our soul is really trying to say.

1 Session of 1hour and 30 minutes: 180 €


Via ZOOM or IN-PERSON @BERCHEM. We will sit down as we work with your question or challenge and I will tell you uncut and raw what your soul really wants to communicate with you.  

Using my Oracle tools: Astrology, Kundalini, connecting with my Guides & channel, Oracle Cards, Shamanic drumming, Pendulum guidance & CHEK Life coaching. 

The results however will completely depend on your commitment, your openness and the determination to put to work any further action-steps I recommend to you.

If you are down for some real Soul-talk. Fill in the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you!

Get In Touch

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The Aquarian Lightworker Program

Create the life you were born for & serve from the heart.


A program designed for Aquarian Lightworkers to help them live their legacy, increase their intuition & be a leader in today's Aquarian age.

A unique blend of the combining powers of Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, and Leadership skills.

30 min. intake + questionnaire to get to know each other and have a feel for the journey we are about to embark on together.

Session 1:


Let the astrology uncover the totality of your personality. We look at the journey of your soul with its challenges & lessons, talents & gifts and your mission(s) in this life.

Session 2 & 3:

Developing a crystal clear personal vision, inspiring intentions and identifying the  practical steps to live it.

Session 4 - 6:


You can't be a lightworker without the right tools to stay centred in today's world. 

We learn the important skills of developing your intuition, listening to your heart, setting clear boundaries & deep intro-spection.

Session 7 & 8:


In order to have impact in the world, it's crucial to know how to Inspire yourself as well as others. Developing a new better story that can be delivered efficient and fluently. 

Optional sessions are available when adviced and agreed upon with the person. Depending on the intentions and requirements 

*This is the standard & introductory program that is meant to guarantee the required results and start the person on his/her path of legacy. I understand that each person is different and has different requirements. Therefore the sessions might vary in order, duration and length after a thorough examination and in consultation with the person. 

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Aquarian Lightworker

 Intake* + 8 Sessions 


*The intake is free of charge. However if after the 30min. intake the person decides not to pursue the program or cancels the sessions, a fee of 75€ will be charged for the spent time & energy.

Request an intake

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“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”


- Mahatma Ghandi -

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