Letting go of anxiety

Concrete tools, methods & guidelines

Webinar: Letting go of anxiety







Thursday 18th of November  (ENGLISH) 

19:00pm - 20:30pm CEST

What you'l learn:

* How is anxiety developed in the body, where does it come from & what purpose does it have?


* The 3 greatest triggers of anxiety to best avoid


* My personal story of anxiety attacks & what I did to conquer it


* The number 1 thing to always carry with you to deal with anxiety in the moment


* How to transform it & leave it behind to have a newfound energy & create something new and better with it

* The anxiety tool, meditations & breathing techniques for short-term & longerterm solutions

* Learning to embrace the process of letting go the anxiety & how to continue without giving up 


Please note:

  • There’s space for a Q&A at the end.

  • Replay available afterwards if you cannot make the live.

  • No refunds possible.